Warranty Policy (EU)

Hinen Product Service Commitment

Service terms & conditions

1. Product coverage: Including Hinen hybrid inverter, Hinen off-grid inverter, Hinen battery, portable power station and accessories included with the product.

2. Country and region coverage: Available in Europe only. The warranty coverage depends on the consistency of the country of sale, the country of installation, and the country of after-sales service.

3. Warranty claim: In general, the serial number (SN number) of the product must be provided to claim the warranty. Please be careful to save the original purchase invoice/installation file or receipt. If required, the customer will need to present these documents to claim the warranty.

4. Warranty period: The standard warranty period begins on the date of first installation of the product or 6 months after the date of production, whichever is earlier. 

5. Validity of the warranty agreement: only on the basis of the official sales contract signed with Hinen. If there is no signed sales contract, the terms and conditions of the Hinen warranty card and this service commitment document will be used.


Service commitment

1. The Hinen headquarters service hotline is +86 (769) 89920666 ext 8318. Our service hotline provides general inquiries, technical support, etc. The service hotline for Hinen local service center varies, please check our local service center in your country/region.

2. Service email address: service@Hinen.com. Customers are advised to contact Hinen service representative in your country/region directly.

3. Warranty period and service mode. We offer different service solutions for different product, see details on below table.

Product Type


Warranty Period

Service Mode


Hybrid  Inverter

H6000-EU series , H12000H-EU series

10 years

On-site repair or complete machine replacement, faulty product returne to Hinen

Provide remote technical services

Energy storage Battery

B5000, BH7700

10 years

On-site repair or complete machine replacement, faulty product returne to Hinen

Provide remote technical services

Inverter Accessories

Meter, Wifi Module, AC connector, ect

2 year

Replacement accessories


(1) For hybrid inverters and energy storage batteries, the first year of the warranty period can enjoy the service of replacing new equipment, and the subsequent warranty period can enjoy the service of repair and replacement of maintenance equipment.
(2) If the warranty period is otherwise stipulated in the contract, the warranty period shall be subject to the contract.


Response time commitment

1. Remote technical service response commitment
(1) Provide 365*7*24H remote technical consulting service.
(2) Receive customer telephone consulting services, commitment to respond within two hours and reply.

2. On-site Maintenance Service Response
Hinen has established maintenance service centres around the world. If there is a need, we will arrive at the customer's site as soon as possible to provide maintenance services.

3. Spare parts guarantee mechanism
(1) Hinen ensures a safe quantity of spare parts in each spare parts centre based on product sales in each location. This helps us to respond quickly to replacement needs.
(2) Once the agreed warranty period (standard or extended) expires, Hinen will provide spare parts to customers at a reasonable price to ensure stable performance of Hinen products.


Explanation of Logistics Cost

1. Hinen takes on logistics costs for products during the warranty period (note: only for the country of original sale of the equipment). The customer is responsible for any customs clearance costs incurred.

2. Customers take on the freight cost and other sort of related cost for warranty expired or voided products.


Other important notice

1. For any failure caused by the quality of the Hinen product itself under normal use, the customer can contact the HINE customer service department by telephone, email, communication app, etc. Customers need to fill in the warranty form and submit it according to the instructions of HITEN, the following is the basic information required for warranty:
(1) Product model and product serial number(SN number)
(2) System configuration information (number of strings, parallel or series scheme, grid type, grid rated voltage, grid rated frequency, etc.)
(3) Equipment fault information (error information or error code displayed on the APP. Pictures, or other fault information)

Note: If the necessary information is not provided, Hinen has the right to refuse to provide warranty service. In this case, the customer is responsible for the loss or any other consequences.

2. To honour Hinen's commitment to the aftersales agreement and warranty, it is imperative to have the system connected and registered to the cloud, enabling Hinen and the approved installer to monitor the system's function and workings. It is a pre-requisition but not limited to and could be waivered if so arranged by the approved installer.

3. The standard warranty applies to products with a valid warranty period. Damage due to the following reasons is not covered by the warranty:
· Breaking the product seal/opening the enclosure without permission from Hinen.
· Transport damage.
· Failure to comply with applicable safety regulations.
· Products without warranty certificates, warranty certificates that do not match the product model, or warranty certificates that have been altered.
· The product nameplate and SN barcode are torn off, altered or damaged, indistinct and unidentifiable.
· Incorrect installation or commissioning (such as installation environment temperature is too high or too low, too wet or dry, too high altitude, DC or AC electrode wiring/connection is incorrect, batteries are not standardized for charging and discharging, etc.).
· Failure to comply with user manuals, installation guides, and maintenance regulations.
· Improper use or improper operation.
· Products purchased from unauthorized dealers.
· Unauthorized modifications, alterations, or attempted repairs.
· Failure or damage caused by the use of non-standard or non-Hinen accessories or software.
· Defects of Products due to renewal of the national or regional laws or regulations;
· Failure or damage caused by force majeure (such as earthquake, lightning strike, fire, etc.).
· Failure or damage caused by unforeseen unexpected factors or human causes (operation error, scratches, handling, bumps, access to inappropriate voltage, etc.).

4. Hinen is not liable for damages caused by the following:
· Malfunctions or damages caused by failure to operate the product in accordance with the Product Instruction and Use Manual.
· Under no circumstances shall Hinen be liable for any consequential damages or loss of profits that may result from the product.
· Hinen shall not be liable for any damage to the product or interruption of service due to force majeure factors (including but not limited to natural disasters, war, terrorist activities, etc.).
· Hinen shall not be liable for all illegal and criminal activities engaged in using Hinen products.

5. The foregoing terms and conditions (together with the warranty card accompanying the product and the accompanying warranty documents) have stated all responsibilities for the products sold by Hinen and have excluded other warranties, both apparent and implied. In the absence of official documentary confirmation, Hinen does not assume any liability outside of the warranty period. When the product is used during the warranty period, Hinen's liability is limited to service replacement and service repair in accordance with the terms and conditions of the warranty without further warranty, obligation or liability. If required by law, Hinen will comply with the law.

Please note Hinen reverse the ultimate explanation right on this service commitment!