Hinen Shines at Powerelec Nigeria 2024


At the recently concluded Powerelec Nigeria exhibition (February 20th - 22nd), Hinen garnered significant attention with the innovative backup energy systems and energy storage solutions for households and small businesses. The exhibition brought together top experts and companies in the field of renewable energy to discuss sustainable energy development and technological innovation.

Nigeria is currently facing severe electricity challenges, with 60% to 70% of its population living without a reliable power supply. This not only affects the quality of life but also hampers economic and social development. The annual economic losses due to power shortage amount to a staggering 126 billion Naira, highlighting the urgency of the issue. In response, many households have had to rely on inefficient self-generating systems as emergency solutions, leading to environmental pollution and health risks.

In this context, Hinen showcased the latest products and solutions at Powerelec Nigeria, offering clean and sustainable backup power options for African users. Hinen's solutions effectively harness Nigeria's abundant solar energy resources, converting them into usable electricity to meet the needs of homes and small businesses. For instance, a 3KW output power storage product can provide up to 2.5KWh of electricity in a single cycle, supporting multiple household appliances. In the event of a power outage, the product seamlessly switches to battery power within 14 milliseconds, ensuring a stable power supply.

Hinen places great emphasis on user experience and electrical safety. The products operate at a sound level below 30 decibels and incorporate multiple battery safety measures, providing peace of mind to users. Additionally, Hinen offers flexible product capacity configurations, ranging from 2.5KWh to 17.5KWh, catering to the diverse needs of users.

Atam, Hinen's representative in Africa, stated, "Participation in the Powerelec exhibition is vital to our mission of sustainable energy. Through this platform, we aim to provide competitive and innovative energy storage solutions for the African market." Hinen has already partnered with a local bank in Nigeria to offer flexible financing options for accessing energy storage products, benefiting hundreds of members in barber shop associations and multiple churches.

During the exhibition, Hinen's booth attracted a large number of visitors who commended the company's innovative technology and solutions, and expressed anticipation for future collaboration projects. By participating in this exhibition, Hinen deepened its ties with existing partners and successfully attracted numerous potential customers, contributing to the sustainable development of the African market.

Looking ahead, Hinen is eagerly preparing to participate in the upcoming Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024, which will take place at the Gallagher Convention Centre in South Africa on March 18th. Hinen looks forward to engaging with more African partners on this new stage, exploring and implementing further innovative energy solutions.