Mini System

This is a sleek and efficient home energy solution, featuring the SmartBox and a 3000W Portable Power Station.

In case of a blackout, the Smart Box 2 seamlessly switches from grid power to the 3000W Portable Power Station, ensuring a continuous power supply to your appliances. For enhanced capacity, the Power Station can be configured with up to six 2.5kWh battery packs, allowing it to reach a total storage capacity of 17.5kWh.

Features and Benefits

Apartment, retail, and caravans / outdoor
2.5-17.5kWh Flexible battery capacity
1.6 Hours bidirectional fast charging
3000W Output
EPS switching time-14ms


PS 3000
3000W Portable Power Station
Smart Box 2
Mini 3b
2.5kWh Extra Battery

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