Hinen Supports Mitcham Solar Bulk Buy to Boost Australia’s Green Energy


Community Renewables program is a crucial initiative for creating a sustainable future. To better implement this plan, Mitcham City Council partnered with Shinehub, the largest solar energy installer in the area, to organize the community renewable energy roadshow, "Mitcham Solar Bulk Buy." The first event concluded successfully on February 26.

Hinen, a leader in residential energy storage, proudly supplied household energy storage products for the event, offering the latest renewable energy solutions and technologies to the Mitcham community. At the roadshow, Hinen showcased the Max low-voltage system as an example of cutting-edge technology. This system maximizes solar energy conversion, achieving 190% PV over-provisioning to efficiently utilize solar panels and meet Australia's grid-connected power needs. With expandability up to 20kWh, the system caters to various electricity requirements. It features a rapid 20-millisecond emergency power supply (EPS) switching time, robust full metal housing, IP65 waterproof and dustproof rating, low operating noise of ≤25db, high-precision battery algorithms, and five-layer battery protection, making it ideal for home use scenarios.

The roadshow received a warm welcome and active participation from the Mitcham community, highlighting the commitment and potential of transitioning to a greener lifestyle. Attendees highly appreciated the personalized consulting services, receiving tailored energy solution recommendations through one-on-one interactions.

Steve, Hinen's representative, expressed enthusiasm for the community's interest in sustainable energy solutions. He stated, "The success of this Roadshow is a significant step toward a greener, sustainable future. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with more communities in Australia to advance sustainable energy solutions."

This roadshow exemplifies the strong cooperation and shared vision for sustainable development between the Mitcham City Council, Shinehub, and Hinen. Through this collaboration, they promote community participation and the adoption of renewable energy. The roadshow provides abundant resources, professional advice, and innovative solutions, igniting residents' passion for reducing carbon footprints and embracing sustainable lifestyles.

Mayor Dr Heather Holmes-Ross said she was thrilled with the response from the community. "People are really excited, the response has been fantastic, she said. "Over 760 households have signed up and we have now offset a total of three power plants, pushing the boundaries of what a community can achieve. Our next steps are even more exciting with a Mitcham exclusive virtual power plant and electric vehicle charges we are transforming the city into a self-sustaining power hub."