Hinen Shines at Solar & Storage Live Australia 2024, Co-Creating a Green Energy Future


With the steadfast support and continuous promotion of clean energy by the Australian government, the solar industry is entering a vibrant new chapter of growth. Against this dynamic backdrop, Hinen New Energy made a dazzling appearance at the Solar & Storage Live Australia 2024 exhibition held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from May 1 to 2. We showcased a range of advanced residential energy storage products, presenting cutting-edge solar storage solutions to our local partners and injecting new momentum into Australia's green energy development.

As the annual gathering of the Asia-Pacific solar and energy storage industry, Solar & Storage Live Australia serves not only as a platform for industry elites to exchange ideas and collaborate but also as a vital bridge for Chinese companies to expand into the Asia-Pacific market. Exhibitors and industry experts from around the world gathered together to explore the forefront technologies, latest products, and development trends in the field of new energy, painting a magnificent blueprint for Australia's green energy transformation.

Hinen Shines at Solar & Storage Live Australia 2024

During the exhibition, Hinen successfully attracted the attention of numerous customers with its portfolio of green technology products and intelligent solutions. Among them, the Max Low Voltage System, which includes the Max6i 5kW single-phase inverter and the Max5b 5kWh low-voltage battery, received widespread acclaim for its high efficiency, reliability, and safety. The system, which has obtained the Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC) certification, fully meets the requirements for grid-connected power generation in Australia and can flexibly expand up to 20 kWh based on the electricity load of user households. The Max Low Voltage System not only converts solar energy into electricity in real-time but also features intelligent energy storage capabilities. It can pre-store electricity during times of surplus power, ensuring stable and reliable power supply during nights, cloudy days, and power outages. With noise levels below 25 dB, reaching the standard of a sleep-inducing environment, it creates a tranquil and comfortable home setting for users. Additionally, the Max Low Voltage System is equipped with a five-layer battery protection mechanism to ensure electrical safety and minimize potential risks. Users can also monitor household energy consumption anytime, anywhere through the Hinen Smart App, effortlessly managing their power usage and enjoying the convenience brought by smart living.

Australia has set clear goals in addressing climate change: a 43% reduction in emissions by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050. Hinen actively responds to this call and is committed to supporting Australia in achieving its renewable energy targets, driving the continuous development of the clean energy industry. We firmly believe that, with the joint efforts of all parties, Australia will move towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. We look forward to joining hands with more partners to contribute to a greener planet.