Hinen Captivates at Smarter E Europe 2023 with Advanced Energy Solutions


Hinen, a prominent leader in the ESS industry offering a comprehensive supply chain and a variety of solutions, is proud to join the Smarter E Europe 2023 exhibition in Munich from 14-16 June.

Our booth showcased the entirety of our industry chain production, encompassing LiFePO4 battery cell manufacturing and recycling, small-scale and residential energy storage systems, and Commercial & Industrial (C&I) storage solutions. Visitors were captivated by Hinen's unique position as one of the few brands offering such a comprehensive spectrum of services.

Introducing our game-changing 'White+Black' solution, Hinen unveiled its latest innovations, the SmartBox and C&I Energy Storage System. These groundbreaking products received rave reviews and piqued the interest of all attendees. The SmartBox, a vital component of residential power systems, seamlessly transitions to off-grid mode during grid interruptions, serving as a dependable emergency power source for households. The ES100, a universal energy storage system, caters to various applications, delivering reliable electricity from multiple sources. It operates with automated precision, ensuring optimal efficiency, minimal maintenance, and comes equipped with remote monitoring and maintenance capabilities.

Our tailor-made solutions align seamlessly with German energy policies, offering efficient and cost-effective energy solutions that empower both businesses and households to meet their energy demands while significantly reducing their carbon footprint. With a spectrum of energy storage systems and advanced battery cell production and recycling, Hinen is taking strides toward a greener, more sustainable energy landscape. Join us in shaping a brighter, environmentally friendly future.