Hinen at Smart Energy 2024: Driving Renewables


Australia's geographic advantage, mild climate, and abundant resources make it ideal for solar energy. Renewables currently provide 38% of electricity, and the government has set an ambitious target of 82% by 2030.

Against this backdrop, the Smart Energy 2024 conference, Australia’s premier all-renewable energy event, is poised to unfold in a grand manner at ICC Sydney from March 6th to 7th. The Smart Energy Council (SEC), dedicated to propelling the application of smart renewable energy solutions, has been instrumental in fostering clean energy policies and industry growth in Australia towards a net-zero emissions economy transition.

Aligned with the vision of facilitating energy transformation through advanced technology, Hinen, a pioneer in the home energy storage sector, resonates with SEC's objectives and has joined as a platinum member. At Smart Energy 2024, Hinen is set to showcase its latest technological products and solutions aimed at maximizing Australia's solar energy potential for reliable and efficient energy supply.

The star product, the Max low-voltage system, including the Max 5i(5kW single-phase inverter) and Max 5b(5kWh low-voltage battery), obtained authoritative certifications from relevant authorities. It meets Australia’s grid connection demands with a capacity upgradable to 20kWh to adapt to varying electricity needs. Certified by Australia’s CEC, it provides a robust, efficient solution for solar power systems.

This system enhances solar energy conversion, supports a wide voltage range of 170-600 volts, is compatible with various battery types and configurations, and features an Emergency Power Supply (EPS) switch time of only 20 milliseconds, offering users a seamless electricity switch experience. Both Max 5i and Max 5b feature an all-metal casing, achieving an IP65 rating for water and dust resistance, with noise levels ≤25db, suitable for residential scenarios.

Advanced battery management ensures energy efficiency and user safety, allowing precise monitoring of battery levels and health via an app. Five layers of battery protection, including comprehensive temperature monitoring, BMS intelligent control, DC circuit breaker, fire extinguisher, and pressure relief valves, significantly mitigate safety risks, ensuring user protection against emergencies.

Hinen is committed to supporting Australia's renewable energy goals and playing a role in advancing the clean energy sector. We look forward to collaborating with visitors and stakeholders at Smart Energy 2024, driving Australia towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.