Hinen Showcases Comprehensive ESS Innovations at Smart Energy 2023 in Sydney


Hinen, your end-to-end partner in the renewable energy sector, made a remarkable appearance at the Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition 2023, which took place in the vibrant city of Sydney, Australia from May 3rd to 4th. During the event, Hinen unveiled its cutting-edge innovations, encompassing:
· LiFePO4Battery Cell Production and Recycling: Pioneering sustainability in battery technology
· PortableStorage System
· Advanced Residential Battery Systems and Hybrid Inverters
· Commercial and Industrial Storage Solutions

Hinen unveiled a range of complete and future-proof solutions designed to revolutionize residential energy consumption. Highlighting our state-of-the-art Hybrid Solar Inverters, robust 5kWh Energy Storage Systems, and High-voltage Stacked Batteries, we're redefining the way you harness energy.

The Hinen Hybrid Solar Inverter seamlessly integrates solar conversion and battery charging, ensuring optimal utilization of solar power and minimizing reliance on the grid. Simultaneously, our Energy Storage System, an expandable high-capacity battery, stores surplus solar energy for later use, providing dependable backup power during blackouts or grid disruptions. These products effortlessly interconnect, giving you total control over your power usage while reducing your dependence on the grid, contributing to a sustainable future. 

Experience Unrivaled Portability with the Hinen Portable Power Station PS3000. Certified with UL1973, it boasts square-shaped aluminum-shell LFP battery cells with an impressive cycle life of over 3600 cycles (at 95% DOD). Featuring Hinen's cutting-edge bi-directional inverter technology, it can be conveniently charged via foldable solar panels, wall sockets, or car chargers and achieves a full charge in just 1.2 hours. The PS3000 is the epitome of lightweight, portable, and intelligent design, catering to a multitude of applications, including home, outdoor, and medical needs.

Billy Li, Vice President of Hinen, expressed his excitement, stating, "We are delighted to have been part of the Smart Energy Expo 2023, where we had the opportunity to present our groundbreaking products to industry experts. Our solar hybrid inverters and energy storage systems provide reliable and sustainable energy solutions for both households and businesses, receiving enthusiastic feedback and interest from event attendees."

Aligning with our core ethos, "A better world powered by you," Hinen remains committed to propelling the energy storage sector forward, ensuring a brighter and more secure tomorrow for all. Join us in shaping the future of renewable energy at Hinen– the industry's driving force.