Hinen Exhibits at Enlit Africa 2024, Supporting South Africa's Electricity Transition Journey


South Africa's electricity supply has been unstable for a long time, which has not only affected the daily life of residents, but also constrained the continuous development of the economy. The South African power industry is also facing a critical stage in the transition from coal to renewable energy.

Against this backdrop, Enlit Africa, South Africa's renowned exhibition for power, energy, and smart metering, will be held from May 21 to 23. It attracts top power companies, equipment manufacturers, and energy technology providers from around the world every year. As an expert in blackout solutions, Hinen will showcase its Backup series solutions customized for Africa's energy challenges at the E24 booth, supporting the power transition in South Africa and the entire African continent.

The key product being showcased this time is the Base system, which can switch to backup power seamlessly within 10ms, ensuring users have an uninterrupted power supply. The system integrates a 6kW off-grid inverter Base 6i and a 5kWh low-voltage battery module Base 5b, compatible with multiple energy inputs such as photovoltaic panels, batteries, diesel generators, and the grid, ensuring stable and reliable power supply for homes and businesses under any circumstances. The powerful functions of the Base system are not only reflected in its wide range of energy storage capacity options (from 5kWh to 120kWh), but also in its flexible switching capability between smart off-grid and hybrid modes. The system supports the parallel use of up to 6 inverters, with a maximum 54kW photovoltaic input, meeting the energy needs of various scales. Furthermore, its unique generator port supports generator, secondary output, and micro-inverter functions, with strong battery compatibility and dry contact control, facilitating diesel generator and load management. The modular design makes installation and maintenance more convenient. The batteries support remote firmware upgrades and adopt cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate technology, which is highly safe, supports fast installation, and stackable design without complex cable connections.

Hinen hopes to establish deeper cooperative relationships with more partners through this exhibition, and jointly promote the transformation and development of the South African power industry. The company firmly believes that only through technological innovation and industry cooperation can a green, efficient, and sustainable energy future be achieved.

About Hinen:

Hinen Group was founded in 2004 and is a listed electronic company (stock code 300787) known for its leading product capabilities, R&D strength, and manufacturing technology. Hinen New Energy, a subsidiary of Hinen Group, focuses on the research, production, and sales of residential energy storage solutions, committed to making energy independence a reality for households worldwide. To demonstrate our focus on the local market, Hinen has set up a branch company in Sandton, Johannesburg, dedicated to providing better localized services.