Success at All-Energy Australia: Hinen's Breakthrough in Energy Storage Solutions


Melbourne, Australia – Hinen, an innovator in the energy storage industry, is thrilled to review a successful presence at the All-Energy Australia Exhibition. With a focus on cutting-edge products, Hinen's exhibition left a lasting impression and received exceptional feedback.

A star of the exhibition was the 5kW Single-phase Hybrid Inverter, an innovation that combines impressive features with an elegant design. With a remarkable DC/AC ratio of up to 190%, this inverter sets a new standard in efficiency. Its fanless design, enabling natural heat dissipation, garnered significant attention, emphasising Hinen's commitment to performance.

Reactions and Recognition
The unique appearance and design of Hinen's products resonated with the audience, positioning Hinen as a forward-thinking brand in the energy storage sector.
Although successful use cases weren't showcased officially due to ongoing website updates, Hinen arranged systematic tests to demonstrate the robustness and performance. The positive reception has elevated Hinen's presence in the Australian market. The brand's reputation is expected to flourish based on the overall user experience.

Hinen's product range aligns perfectly with market demands, including the 15 kW Single-phase All-in-One Module and the 20 kW Three-phase All-in-One Module. Additionally, Hinen is developing 5 kW Single-phase Hybrid Inverters, a rarity in the market. With upcoming regulations in Victoria and NSW that will disconnect new homes from gas, the inverter will play a pivotal role as an intelligent, independent energy hub, managing PV generation, energy storage, and grid connectivity through a user-friendly app.

Opportunities for Collaboration
Hinen reminds dealers and installers that collaboration opportunities extend beyond the exhibition. The company is eager to connect with industry professionals, sharing product information and cooperation plans. Hinen's commitment to innovation and excellence positions them as an ideal partner for those looking to offer top-of-the-line energy solutions.

A Vision for the Future
Hinen Sales Manager, William Peng, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “Our experience has been remarkable. The warm reception and feedback affirmed our commitment to pushing the boundaries of energy storage. We look forward to building stronger connections in the Australian market.”