Hinen at Powerelec Nigeria 2024: Transforming Power Access with Innovative Energy Solutions


Nigeria is facing a pressing electricity challenge that requires urgent attention. According to statistics, 60%-70% of the Nigerian population lives without access to electricity, impacting their quality of life and hindering economic and social development potential. Experts estimate that the annual economic losses due to power shortages amount to a staggering 1.26 trillion naira, highlighting the urgency and far-reaching impacts of the issue.

Currently, many households rely solely on self-owned generators to compensate for the electricity shortage. While this coping mechanism meets basic needs, it also brings forth new problems. Self-owned generators have low energy efficiency, resulting in environmental pollution. Additionally, they generate significant noise, posing a serious threat to human health. Moreover, this traditional solution suffers from inefficiencies and cannot provide sustainable electricity solutions for a wider community.

In this context, the application and promotion of new energy technologies become crucial. Hinen, as an expert in residential energy storage solutions, will participate in Powerelec Nigeria from February 20th to 22nd (Booth C10) to showcase the latest products and solutions, offering professional technical services for African users. Addressing the issue of power shortages in Africa, Hinen's household energy storage products can effectively enhance users' living experiences and provide clean and sustainable backup power support.

Hinen's home energy solution, such as the Mini System, consists of solar photovoltaic panels, a portable power supply, and a Smart Box. Leveraging Nigeria's abundant solar resources, these products convert solar energy into valuable electricity resources for households and small-scale commercial users, meeting their daily power needs. For example, a Mini system with an output power of 3KW can provide 2.5KWh of electricity in one go. It supports simultaneous solar and grid charging while supplying power to users, enabling the simultaneous use of various household appliances.

In the event of a sudden power outage, the Mini system can automatically switch to battery power mode within 14 milliseconds, ensuring users have stable and continuous power supply during public power failures. Additionally, the Mini system offer flexible capacity configurations ranging from 2.5KWh to 17.5KWh, catering to different energy customization needs of users. During operation, the Mini series emits only 30 decibels of sound, which means it produces sleep-level noise, making it very user-friendly.

Hinen's Africa representative, Atam, stated, "Our participation in the Powerelec exhibition is crucial to our mission of sustainable energy. We are actively seizing this opportunity to provide competitive and innovative residential energy storage systems to the African market, along with detailed installation guidance and training. We look forward to establishing close relationships with local partners in Africa. In Nigeria, Hinen has collaborated with a local bank to offer flexible financing options and provide discounted services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Several hundred members of the Barber Association and multiple churches have already benefited from this initiative. In the future, we aim to empower even more partners."