A Recap of Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024


South Africa is currently grappling with a severe electricity crisis, with residents enduring up to 15 hours of power outages daily in 2023. As South Africa continues to industrialize and its economic development demands increase, the country's energy needs are soaring, creating significant impacts on residential electricity usage and business operations. Concurrently, South Africa averages over 2,500 hours of sunshine per year and has an average solar radiation of about 220 W/m2, providing ideal conditions for solar power generation.

At a critical time of transformation, from March 18th-20th, Africa's largest energy event, Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024, was successfully held in Johannesburg. The event brought together top-tier manufacturers, service providers, investors, and experts from within the industry to discuss how to propel Africa's energy transformation using advanced solar technologies and solutions.

As a provider of solutions for load shedding, Hinen participated with three sets of Backup solutions specifically designed for the power shortage crisis in Africa, earning high praise from many attendees. Taking the Max low-voltage system as an example, this system includes the single-phase hybrid solar inverter-Max 6i and the 5kWh low-voltage battery Max 5b, it can maximize solar energy conversion, achieving 190% PV over-provisioning to efficiently utilize solar panels. It can convert solar energy into electricity in real-time, store excess power, or charge in advance when grid power is sufficient, providing abundant power supply during outages or load shedding. With operational noise not exceeding 25dB, which meets sleep quality standards, and five-layer battery protection, Hinen's products ensure an electricity guarantee. Additionally, Hinen's intelligent APP allows users to monitor their energy consumption in real-time, easing the management of power usage.

Hinen's representative in Africa, Billy, stated that Hinen has established a subsidiary in the Sandton area of Johannesburg, signifying the firm's commitment to providing localized services and deepening its presence in the African market. Hinen aims to bring new technologies and a new future to Africa's solar and storage industry with increased investments.