Villa Power Outage Solution: The Right Energy Storage System for Peace of Mind

Villa Power Outage Solution: The Right Energy Storage System for Peace of Mind


The escalation of the global energy crisis, the increasing frequency of extreme weather events and the volatile geopolitical landscape have made power outages a recurring challenge for many villa owners. The spacious nature of villas often means higher power consumption, and when there's a power cut, the reduction in quality of life is significant, along with considerable security risks.

Facing the uncertainty of energy supply, how can one ensure energy independence for their household and avoid the troubles of power outages? The answer lies in building your very own solar energy storage system.

What is Solar Energy Storage System?

Compared to a PV-only system, a solar energy storage system is undoubtedly the perfect solution.The addition of an energy storage inverter and batteries makes it possible to store excess energy generated during the day, which can then be used at night when there is a load, effectively solving the problem of waste of power generation. When there is a power outage, the system can power home appliances. Moreover, the energy storage system can charge during off-peak periods and feed electricity back into the grid during peak periods, effectively lowering electricity costs.

Power Outage Solution for Villa

Take Hinen's Pro15 integrated energy storage as an example. Its charging and discharging process is stable and controllable. It is not only able to manage the energy generated by solar panels and the grid, minimizing the loss of wasted light and generating additional profits through peak shaving, but it can also serve as an emergency power.

Pro15 integrates design and can be paired with up to two 7.77kWh batteries, expanding the storage capacity to 15.54kWh. Through parallel battery pack technology, the system's storage capacity can be expanded up to a maximum of 31.08kWh. In the event of a power cut and without solar or other power generation inputs, it can maintain at least a day's basic electricity needs for the villa.

With four MPPT inputs, Pro15 supports more than 200% input capacity, ensuring that it captures the maximum amount of solar energy in diverse climate conditions and maximizes energy collection efficiency. The system boasts a high conversion efficiency of up to 97.5%, ensuring that the generated power is almost losslessly converted into actual usable energy. Equipped with a 15KW off-grid output power and 230V/63A output, it fully supports all household loads and can meet the power demands of a spacious villa and a high-quality lifestyle.

During system upgrades, the EPS load operates normally, ensuring that home power supplies are unaffected during the upgrade. Additionally, in the event of a power outage, the switchover time for backup loads is less than 10 milliseconds, making the power switch almost imperceptible to the user. Pro15 features an integrated switch control box, built-in AC air switch/PV switch/EPS air switch/battery air switch/electric meter, and is equipped with push-in connections and battery stacking design, significantly simplifying installation steps, enhancing installation efficiency, and system safety.

Users can manually select either EPS or the grid to supply power to the backup loads, offering high customization and flexibility. It supports the integration of diesel generators and multiple off-grid parallel operations, providing villa owners with more backup power solutions and minimizing the impact of supply instability.

Pro15 has an IP65 protection rating, an operating temperature range of -20°C to +60°C, and holds several major certifications including CB/CE/UKCA/SONCAR/RCM/ROHS. It comes with a full 5-year warranty on the unit and a 10-year lifetime warranty on the batteries. The integrated design significantly reduces installation time and subsequent maintenance requirements.

Choosing the right energy storage system is the key to solving villa power outage problems. Hinen provides efficient and reliable solutions. For more information, please contact Hinen for professional advice.

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